Frequently Asked Questions

I don't think my piece is an antique; is it still worth refinishing?
It, most likely, is. Our philosophy is that if a piece has meaning for you - it is worth refinishing. It may be your old wooden high chair, the kitchen table around which you sat with your family growing up, or maybe, the porch swing where grandpa proposed to grandma. Unless it would damage the integrity of the piece, we will gladly work with you to return that piece to its former self.

Can you "do" my whole house?

Absolutely.  Just give us a call and we will meet with you to discuss your needs.

Can I refinish my piece myself? Of course. We offer a "strip only" service which allows you to do just that. We will strip off the old finish and advise you on the finishing process. Questions are always welcome.

We're rennovating an older home. Can you help us with architectural rennovation?
We would be pleased to either offer our services in a consultant capacity, direct your contractor, or handle the job ourselves. We are trained to tackle trim, wainscoting, bannisters, mantles, and doors (pocket and "regular"). We would be happy to discuss the details of your project with you, just give us a call.

Are there some general hints you could give me about keeping my furniture looking its best?
Yes, always lift furniture when moving it, do not drag it along the floor (dragging puts undue stress on legs and will loosen them in the long-run). When you are dusting, pick up lamps, ash trays, etc. instead of sliding them along the surface of the piece to prevent minute scratches which will enlarge over time. Unless you have one of the newer finishes on your pieces, be very careful to always use coasters and trivets. Blot all spills as soon as they happen. Keep nail polish (and remover) away from furniture surfaces. Use a lemon-oil polish for long-term benefits.Treat your furniture gently; open and close drawers and doors gently -- don't slam.
What areas do you serve?  Call us to see if we can service your project, but as a general rule we serve all of Upper and Lower Bucks County, along with many other areas, including but not limited to:  Levittown, PA ~ Newtown, PA ~ Langhorne, PA ~ Bensalem, PA ~ Bristol, PA ~ Doylestown, PA ~ Croydon, PA ~ Philadelphia, PA ~ Trenton, NJ ~ Princeton, NJ ~ Lawrenceville, NJ ~
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